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Taking a Course

Courses at Words Matter for nurses are fresh and on-trend with topics that include the latest from CDC and the Institutes of Health.  Each course is approximately two hours in length (2.4 contact hours for those states on a 50 minute hour) and is priced at $5.00. You choose the topics that interest you!  Check back with us often because new courses are always in process.  Be sure to sign up on our Home page for our quick email alerts used to let you know a new course is available.

The nurse will participate in the course learning activity by 1) completing the self-assessment review after reading the topic material at his or her convenience.  The 2) self-assessment review will be corrected by the nurse, using the answer key and rationale provided.  To successfully complete the course, 3) the corrected answer sheet and Course Registration Form must be returned to Words Matter either by email, USPS, or fax.

When the two documents are received by Words Matter, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to the participant; therefore, a VALID email address must be provided to Words Matter by the nurse. Be assured, personal information will NEVER be shared with a third party!

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